Welcome to murpgames.net!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. If this is your first visit, I'm sure you're just burning with questions about my website and me. To answer a handful at a time, my name is Casimer Ploszaj, I go by Murp online, I bought this domain because I felt like it, I host nothing important on murpgames.net, and finally, murpgames.net is hosted on my dedicated server computer. If you care more about my background, visit the About page and go learn.

Now to explain the many parts of my website. My Random Sentence Generator is a fairly simple thing; it takes some phrases and puts them together. It was added to pad for space on the sidebar back when the website was young, I wouldn't add something like it today but I save it for the rich history. Banke Maker 2 is a low quality Cookie Clicker clone. I made the original version with a friend back when I was really new to programming. It was so bad that I had to remake it. There are still some sarcastic jokes though. Murpopoly doesn't work, however it's not broken. That isn't a riddle, you just can't play it. The Harry Potter 2 Bingo Card Generator is a tool used by the Harry Potter 2 speedrunning community. It generates a bingo board of goals and they intend to get a bingo on that board. My Video Editor isn't really a video editor as much as it is a clip generator. You put in some times and select some options and you're given a link to send to your friends. Downloads is a collection of small game downloads, they're all pretty old now. Libraries is a place where I put any programming libraries I've written. There's only one for now.

You can tell Scrabble Sweeper is so important that it gets its own history paragraph. A couple friends of mine were watching some people playing Scrabble and then they wanted to play it. They also decided that playing Scrabble and Minesweeper at the same time would be a great idea. Some things lead to some things and I got an email from Twitch telling me that my friend had went live playing Scrabble with Minesweeper in Google Sheets. I played a few games with them but the system was pretty bad. Moves were slow and the pacing was dead, but the game was fun. I joked and said I could make a fully automatic version of it in less than a week, was told I couldn't, told them I could do it in four days, and four days later we started playing Scrabble Sweeper on my website. Time passed and I decided that I needed to update the game but also that I didn't like how it was coded and it would be much better to do a rewrite. Deciding to call it Scrabble Sweeper D-Luxe because I planned on writing it in the D programming language and the project reminded me of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. Progress was slow, motivation was down, but a few months later I told the small following that the game had gained that I would be letting them in on some big D-Luxe news soon. I released a match three tile swapper called Scrabble Swapper D-Luxe and was nearly crucified. I finally got to writing Scrabble Sweeper D-Luxe and while it's still in its beta version, it's playable and much better than the web version. Both still work and Scrabble Swapper is still a bad joke.

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