Who is this Murp guy?

Murp is the online pseudonym of Casimer James Ploszaj, derived from pronouncing the "MrP" as a word in the username "mrploszaj". I am a 16 year old computer programmer of around 3 years. I took interest to programming in the summer of 2014 because I had decided to make Minecraft mods. I no longer make Minecraft mods. Even though it's one of the most laughable reasons ever, I'm glad that it got me into programming as it is my main hobby. I make games, desktop applications, scripts, and evidently websites in my spare time. I've spent a large amount of time around the Java, D, and Javascript programming languages. Of course I've meddled with Python, PHP, C, and C++ but I either don't use them enough or hate them, more commonly both. I want to get a job as a programmer when I get old enough.

My humor is dry, sarcastic, and self-deprecating, we'd get along if you like that. That said, I can never be friends with a person that thinks PHP is an acceptable language or thinks putting opening braces on a different line adds to readability. You will get bonus points, however, if you use and like D.

Murp's Website